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    PSIL: Engineering specialist solutions

    Process Systems International Limited is a leading specialist in bespoke pump design for the global energy industry with an enviable reputation for quality and longevity.


  • Oil & Gas industry

    With a wealth of experience in onshore and offshore API Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries, PSIL delivers engineered design solutions for the most difficult conditions and arduous applications.


  • Hazardous Chemicals

    Hazardous chemicals

    Experienced suppliers of equipment to the chemical and heavy chemicals industries, PSI’s skill and innovation in manufacturing methods, techniques and materials allow them to meet the materials requirements of even the most demanding applications.


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    Industry leaders in the design and manufacture of bespoke pump technology. Meeting the needs of specific and stringent requirements, each of PSIL’s horizontal and vertical pumps have a design life standard of 25 years.



 PSI wishes Bethan every success at MK DONS

The football crazy youngster plays for Moretonville Harriers as a Striker and is now training with the MK Dons Girls Skills Elite Centre U13 squad.

Her proud dad Chris, who is an engineering co-ordinator for PSI said: “Bethan has to overcome so many health hurdles to play her various sports, that this opportunity is really important & rewarding for her.  There is no cure for her condition and her kidneys will gradually deteriorate, so she is determined to make the most of every sporting opportunity given to her.

“To have the support of PSI to pay for her additional training is very touching indeed.”

As for Chelsea loving Bethan, it’s early days but so far she is enjoying her elite status.  She said: “I am truly grateful to PSI for giving me this opportunity with the MK Dons.  The various sports I play in particular Football is a large part of my life and keeping fit is helping with my condition.”