About Process Systems International

About Process Systems International Ltd


Founded in the UK in 1992, Process Systems International Ltd has built an enviable global reputation for quality and longevity.


Designing products primarily for installation in new-build assets or as replacements for non-functioning units during major upgrade and refurbishment projects, PSIL’s key driver is to deliver equipment which will stand the test of time.


Vertical and horizontal pumps are PSIL’s core offering to industry, and have been deployed in every global region — from the UK and North Sea regions, continental Europe and Middle-East to South-East Asia.


Its clients include BP, Shell, Conoco, Chevron, TCO, Brown & Root, SABIC, Taymel, READ, Qatar Petroleum, AMEC, AIOC as well as other majors. Key operating disciplines within which its pump technologies are deployed include:


Refineries; Offshore Platforms; FPSOs; Petrochemicals; Gas Field Development; Chemicals; Fertilizers; Explosives; Iron and steel pickling; Nuclear; Electrorefining; Molten Sulphur recovery & Re-melting; Molten salts and metals; Oily water separation; Storm water.


PSIL was acquired by Alycidon Capital in October 2012, becoming part of a wider group which includes leading powder metallurgy specialist AIMS Materials.