Expert Oil & Gas applications and solutions


Process Systems International Limited has a wealth of experience in the API Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries, both onshore and offshore, specialising in difficult and arduous applications and bespoke pump design solutions.


Our experienced engineering team understand the need for this industry to rely on efficient and reliable equipment, and PSIL’s range of Horizontal and Vertical pumps are built to meet these increasingly stringent process design requirements.


Our products are built to API610 standards and we specialise in projects with high levels of contract specific documentation, certification and inspection. We offer bespoke solutions that exactly meet our client’s specific requirements for equipment in difficult environments.


Typical applications include:
  • Molten sulphur
  • Closed and open drains, drums and sumps.
  • Process condensate
  • Amine mixing
  • Stabiliser reboiler
  • Oily water separation
  • Hydrolyzer feed
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Vapour recovery
  • Condensed water injection
  • Foul and sour water service
  • Hydrofiner / hydrotreater drains
  • Acid gas K.O. drums