Horizontal pumps


PSIL bespoke-designs and supplies its range of CL low-flow, high-head centrifugal API 610 pumps — with a targeted design life of 20-30 years per item the minimum standard.


Each unit is custom-engineered to suit clients’ requirements, while adhering to established parameters for safe operation from a known hydraulic base.


Milled-from solid, each PSIL pump is crafted from a solid block of dense material, eliminating the potential for structural failure and porosity encountered with equipment manufactured in a casting environment.


CL pumps are suitable for API processing and refining industries, oil and gas E&P offshore, chemical, molten salts and metals, and effluent treatment operations.


Impellers can be supplied in shrouded or open configuration, dependent on the presence of solids in the process liquor being handled by the pump system.


All equipment is fully tested to BS EN ISO 9906:1999, with API tolerances if required.


Options available include:
  • Close-coupled units for pressures up to 130 bar(g)
  • Magnetic drive units
  • Canned rotor units
  • Self-priming pumps

Horizontal pump