Vertical pumps


PSIL’s range of VS4 and VS5 pumps are custom-engineered to meet clients’ process requirements, building on a proven design base specification achieved through decades of research, development, testing and operational use.


Ensuring that each pump can be put into service and run with minimal maintenance requirements during its design life is a crucial element of the manufacture of each PSIL product.


Effective length

VS4 vertical pumps with intermediate bearings can be supplied beyond 8 metres long, lubricated either by pumped fluids, separate water flush, oil or grease. VS5 pumps without intermediate bearings in cantilever shaft form can be supplied up to 2 metres long.


Hydraulic ends

Designed for heavy duty use, single volute, double volute and diffuser ring designs area available, alongside Vortex products designed to handle large solids concentrations or in low-shear applications.


Top Bearing Housings

Combined thrust and radial bearings, grease-lubricated, are fitted to absorb thrust and radial loads.



Open, semi-open and shrouded designs are available, all designed to meet or exceed minimum NPSH requirements.


Shafts and sleeves

Our engineers design shaft and span of intermediate bearings so that operating speeds and critical speeds are well-separated, with bearing spacings lower than that mandated by API610.


Intermediate Bearing Brushes

Spaced to provide stability and smooth-running. Fluted bushes are made in materials selected to suit each application — from bronzes, carbon and rubber to PTFE composites.


Support Plates

The support plate, through which a pump is anchored, can be manufactured square or circular dependant on operational design requirements in steel plate, which cladding with stainless steel, nickel alloys or titanium are optional.



No sealing is generally required where a shaft passes through the support plate, above the high liquid level however, lip seals, packed glands, single or double mechanical seals and dry-running gas seals are available as options.

Vertical pump