Vortex-flo pumps


PSIL’s outstanding clog-free, low-shear Vortex-Flo pump features a recessed impeller design which removes the risk of solids build-up and encourages constant flow by generating a swirling vortex.


Suction and discharge branches are generally the same diameter, eliminating close clearances and abrupt direction changes to ensure that large solids can be transported without impeding the operational efficiency of the pump.


Suitable for oily/water separation and similar services, Vortex-Flo Pumps can be manufactured to API 610 standard for the oil, gas and heavy chemical industries.


How it works:
  • The torque-developing impeller is situated entirely out of the flow path – leaving an open passage for fluids to pass through as the rotating vortex is created.
  • Vortices extend into the suction line, drawing particles into the moving stream – similar to the water spout of a typhoon or hurricane.
  • Particles swirl into the fast-moving vortex with the pump housing.
  • Those particles are then discharged, in less than one revolution, due to centrifugal force induced by the vortex – and propelled by the liquid itself.
Suction lift and air handling

The remarkably high suction lift and air handling abilities of the PSIL Vortex-Flo pump mean it is ideally suited for aerated pulps or for installations where a minimal net positive suction head is available.


Independent tests have verified that suction lifts in excess of 10m have been performed.


Facilitating continuous operation

As the Vortex-Flo pump can be run without fluid in the volute, it is ideal for applications requiring continuous operation — with no requirement for special controls, valves or a wet-well.


Minimising maintenance

The simplicity of the Vortex-Flo pump’s design, and absence of close running clearances, mean mechanical maintenance requirements are negligible.


It is able to handle high-solids, abrasive and stringy materials — while this has an effect on its hydraulic efficiency, its overall performance is unchanged and the Vortex-Flo pump’s combined features make it the most complete product on the market.